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Farm to table was literally a way of life for Chef Pedro Hernandez Perez, whose family grew vegetables for large distributors in the colonial mountain city of Puebla, Mexico. From a young age, Chef Pedro and his brothers worked side by side with their father tending the farm that was not only their livelihood, but also put delicious food on the family table.

Some of Pedroís fondest memories are of the wonderful meals his mother would prepare for the family to enjoy after a long day of tending the fields. Itís no surprise his favorite dish was mole poblano, a preparation of chicken or turkey in a rich, dark blend of chocolate, spices, nuts and chilies, made so famous by his hometown.

Inspiration came easily growing up in the culinary capital of Mexico and Chef Pedro developed an interest in cooking, learning many of the classic dishes of Puebla alongside his mother.

At the young age of 17, Chef Pedro moved to New York City in 2000, where he began cooking in a small Thai restaurant. Eager to learn more, Chef Pedro landed a job with Chef David Bank at Land Thai Kitchen on the Upper West Side in 2006. Chef Bank took an interest in Chef Pedro and helped him to refine his skills, teaching him classic technique and kitchen management skills, eventually promoting him to Sous Chef.

During family meals at Land, Chef Pedro would prepare some of his favorite hometown dishes for the staff to enjoy. It was these dishes and ingredients that caught Chef Bankís attention and inspired him to promote Chef Pedro to Executive Chef of his new restaurant, Cocina Economica, scheduled to open on Manhattanís Upper West Side in October 2012. The menu will feature true Cocina Ecomonica style cooking with recipes from the home kitchens of Mexico along with some of Chef Pedroís family recipes.

When Chef Pedro isnít manning the stoves at work, he enjoys cooking for his wife and 2 children.